Best Cinco is a collective consisting of 3 highly adaptive and experienced practitioners in the fields of industrial design, architecture, new media art & experimental technologies. Our team helps clients realise their unique visions through the production of custom interactive, electronic or mechanical solutions & manufacturing assistance.

Best Cinco provides an unsurpassed level of professionalism whilst pushing the limits of design and technology. Our team can provide design, documentation & fabrication services for artists and other industry professionals.

We specialise in:
  • Robotics
  • Lighting
  • Product design
  • Software
  • Buildings
  • Electronics
  • 3D modelling



The Best Cinco Team:

Richard Candy

Industrial Designer

Education: Bachelor of Industrial Design, Queensland University of Technology

Richard has worked as a freelance industrial designer for several years. He has extensive knowledge of product design and manufacturing, and has worked directly with clients both locally and internationally to design & fabricate their ideas. Richard also has a keen interest in lighting design.

James Knight


Education: Master of Architecture, Queensland University of Technology

James is an architect who is interested in the utilisation of digital design tools and generative design to produce novel solutions to problems. He also has a keen interest in the development of electronic circuitry.
He is a registered Architect with the Board of Architects Queensland and has worked within the construction industry for the last 9 years. In this time James has a worked on a wide range of building projects, from small scale residential right through to large scale industrial and commercial developments.

Michael Candy


Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts & Industrial Design, Queensland University of Technology

Michael’s art practice focuses on analogue and electromechanical technologies, primarily through the production of kinetic sculpture and art-machines. Michael likes traveling the world and making robots, and his work usually allows him to both at the same time. Michael has participated in several notable national and international art exhibitions, including ISEA2013 (Sydney), Next Wave festival (Melbourne) and Instrument Builders Project (Jogjakarta).